Cultural Destinations

Cultural Destinations

Viking journeys are created for people looking for authentic experiences that give them a greater understanding of the culture of the destinations they visit. From meeting local people and talking to them about their lives, to visiting places not usually accessible to the public, these kind of experiences offer a more meaningful perspective on the world. Through our Privileged Access®, Local Life and Working World excursions, you can explore a country’s traditions, religion, food and drink, industry, and much more.

We call this The Viking Way, and it’s our commitment to give our guests memorable experiences, beyond their expectations.



At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul has long enjoyed cultural diversity. Unwind in a hammam, a traditional Turkish bath that was once also a social gathering spot. Experience a sema, also known as a whirling dervish ceremony, where members of the Sufi Mevlevi Order perform various spiritual rituals. Visit the Blue Mosque and discover the beauty of this architectural masterpiece. Discover more cultural insights on our Ancient Mediterranean Treasures and Ancient Adriatic Treasures ocean journeys.

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Germany’s most romantic city is famous for its baroque old town and picture-book castle. Heidelberg was the centre of the Romantic Movement, attracting artists and writers from afar. Today it attracts the brightest young minds to its prestigious university. On our Rhine Getaway journey, you can enjoy lunch with the students of Heidelberg and find out how they view the world, on a Local Life excursion.

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The vibrant culture of Bangkok can be seen all around the Thai capital, and tasted in its fresh and flavourful food. Durian, rambutan, mangsoteen, starfruit and dragonfruit are just some of the mouthwatering tastes you can enjoy. On our Local Life excursion, you can go fruit picking on a tropical fruit farm in the Rayong Province near Bangkok on our Bangkok, Bali & Beyond ocean journey, and sample some authentic Thai tastes.

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In Portugal’s UNESCO-listed Douro Valley, discover the local cuisine and famous port wines. Join local baker, Dona Manuela in her bakery, as part of our Working World experiences. Wine and dine at the Douro’s finest estates, and take part in a port winemaking workshop. Our Portugal’s River of Gold and Douro’s Valleys & Vineyards river journeys offer a fascinating insight into the Douro’s culinary culture.

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Norway’s pristine waters and deep fjords create a haven for fish and shellfish to thrive. In this majestic scenery, you can experience life as the locals live it. Join professional fishermen on a deep sea angling expedition. Go on a king crab safari to catch these prized creatures, and see how stockfish is dried and preserved, the traditional way. On our Viking Homelands and Into the Midnight Sun ocean journeys, you can enjoy some of the best fishing in the world.

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Ukraine’s elegant capital is a wonderful place to discover the food and wine of the region. Join your Viking chef on a visit to Kiev’s historic Besarabsky Market. From caviar to cheesecake and the ubiquitous Ukrainian pickles, it is all on display in the colourful and bustling market. Enjoy this delightful Local Life tour on our Kiev, Black Sea & Bucharest river cruise.



In northern Norway, Finnmark is home to the country’s indigenous people, the Sami. On our ocean journey, In Search of the Northern Lights, you can learn about their lives, culture and customs. Take part in a Sami Northern Lights drumming ceremony with a Shaman. Spend time with the reindeer herdsmen, and enjoy a traditional meal with a Sami family in their lavuu, and discover how they blend their ancient culture with a modern world.

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There are few cities as rich in history and culture as St. Petersburg. From the legendary Hermitage with its unrivalled collection of art, to the humble kommunalka, where multiple families choose to live together, you can experience the contrasting culture of the city on our Waterways of the Tsars river journey.

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Called Florence on the Elbe, Dresden is a city with a culturally rich history, and an exciting future. Home to car manufacturing giant, Volkswagen, its spectacular, state-of-the-art transparent factory showcases the superior engineering capabilities and ultra-modern assembly line. On our Elegant Elbe river journey, our Working World excursion takes you behind closed doors of one of Germany’s leading car makers.

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High above Austria’s Wachau Valley is Göttweig Abbey, a beautiful 18th-century baroque monastery, with priceless artistic treasures. For all its World Heritage status and beauty, Göttweig is very much a working monastery. On our Danube Waltz and Romantic Danube river journeys, enjoy a Privileged Access visit to the monastery, where you can talk with the monks, and find out about day-to-day life in this venerable institution, and spiritual sanctuary.

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