City Breaks

Who doesn’t love the excitement at arriving in a new city?

The thrill of seeing new sights, tasting new foods and meeting new people. Every Viking cruise takes you to the heart of each inspiring city – in fact you could think of it as lots of city breaks on one incredible journey, where your hotel travels with you, and is one of the best in town.

On every journey, you are treated to included tours with expert local guides. Of course, you are always free to explore on your own. Our on board team will give you all the maps and information you need to have a great time. Come and join us as we explore the great cities of the world.



Cobbled streets and pastel-coloured houses with terracotta rooftops. White-domed cathedrals and yellow vintage trams. Luminous light by day, spectacular sunsets by night. Wonderful wines and velvety smooth coffee. Melancholic fado music and atmospheric monasteries. Quirky shops and an independent spirit. Artists and artisans, and warm, family-loving people. There are dozens of reasons why Lisbon is fast becoming Europe’s favourite city.

Our Portugal’s River of Gold journey includes a two-night hotel stay in Lisbon before travelling to Porto to board your Viking river cruise ship



Perfectly located where the rivers Rhône and Saône meet, Lyon is rated the most attractive city in France, even toppling Paris. ‘Only Lyon’ is the city’s slogan, and only in Lyon will you find 22 Michelin stars, along with world-class museums boasting an extraordinary collection of art and sculptures, two Roman amphitheatres, a UNESCO-listed Old Quarter, historical architecture, an exciting arts scene, fabulous shopping and the best food in France. What are you waiting for?

Enjoy three days to explore Lyon on Viking’s Lyon & Provence river cruise



Big, bold and brilliantly alive, Berlin is uber-cool. A city adorned with the opulent architecture of Prussian empires. A city destroyed by war and rebuilt with love. Divided and then reunited. Shaped by revolution. Absorb a little of its unique history with a stroll through the mighty Brandenburg Gate. Walk among the symbolic remnants of the controversial Wall, and relive the chill of the Cold War years as you cross Checkpoint Charlie. Berlin is a living, breathing history lesson. Take it all in.

Enjoy a two-night hotel stay in Berlin on our Elegant Elbe cruise



Second only to Paris in French historic monuments, Bordeaux is the world’s largest urban UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting more protected buildings than any other French city. This treasure chest of thoughtfully preserved 18th century streets makes it a desirable film location. Situated at the port of the Garonne River, it is the capital of the namesake wine-growing region, and promises excellent food and wine. Beautiful during the day, it is even more stunning at night.

Explore Bordeaux on our Châteaux, Rivers & Wine itinerary



The word is out. Budapest is brilliant and the most perfect city break. Grand and dramatic. Eclectic and elegant. Easy to explore, and even easier to love. Originally two cities, Buda and Pest, separated by the blue ribbon of the River Danube, they are now joined. There is no more magical way to arrive in Budapest than along its beautiful river. And there are few more central places to stay than Viking’s docking station below the twinkling lights of the Chain Bridge. Perfect.

On Viking’s Danube river cruises, including Danube Waltz and Romantic Danube, you’ll have time to explore Budapest’s highlights



For culture, history and sheer ‘wow’ factor, the Floating City has it all. Amazing architecture, fabulous food, magical music and enough romance and intrigue to keep you busy for days. You are never far away from a bridge crossing one of the canals, or a historic street that takes you into the quieter Venice, where you come across little stone squares, where wine bars and cafes welcome you with great food and drink, and where artisan workshops thrive in handsome buildings, and twinkling shop windows tempt you inside.

Venice can explored on a number of Viking’s ocean cruises, including Italian Sojourn



Always a favourite, Barcelona knows how to impress. Flamboyant architecture. Exciting history. Great food and drink. Stroll around the Gothic quarter with its medieval streets, soaring cathedrals and tranquil plazas. Admire the art and sculptural masterpieces of modernism artists, including Picasso, Miro and Gaudí, whose whimsical creations define the city. Feast on fresh and flavourful tapas in the shade of a date palm. Head to the sandy beach on the outskirts of town.  This cosmopolitan city offers so much to explore.

Many Viking ocean cruise begin or end in Barcelona, including Trade Routes of the Middle Ages



Deep within the northern blue bays of the Baltic Sea and surrounded by nature, it may be the capital of one of Europe’s largest countries, but this laid-back, forward-thinking city is compact, and largely traffic-free. Strolling its lovely streets is a joy. All around are splendid Art Nouveau buildings, warm and welcoming cafes and interesting shops – all of which set it apart from other more homogenous cities. Great architecture, great design and great hospitality, Helsinki is the perfect city break.

Explore Helsinki on our Viking Homelands ocean cruise



Since it was founded by the Greeks as Massalia around 600 BC, this Mediterranean magnet has been a vital crossroads of trade. Set along a magnificent rocky coastline, Marseille is France’s oldest city but, thanks to a major renovation project, it’s the newest contender for a city break. Awarded European Capital of Culture in 2013, it shed its gritty port city vibe with an impressive new collection of museums and world-class cultural centres, as well as spectacular cathedrals and churches. The Vieux-Port (Old Port) is especially alluring.

Discover all the highlights of Marseille on Viking’s Iconic Western Mediterranean ocean cruise



The cradle of civilisation, Athens boasts more culture and history than you can point a camera at. It may be the oldest capital in the world, but Athens is fast becoming the newest must-go city on earth. Named after Athena, goddess of wisdom, Athens is ancient and modern, traditional and contemporary, peaceful and vibrant, a melting pot of cultures yet unmistakeably Greek. Home to genuinely hospitable people, Athens also boasts some of the world’s greatest monuments.

Explore Athens on a number of Viking ocean cruises, including Empires of the Mediterranean

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