Musical Destinations

Musical Destinations

From traditional folk songs and Caribbean beach beats to the classical chords of Europe’s grand cities, music is a wonderful soundtrack to our travels. We’ve chosen 10 of the most inspiring places to tune in to some sensational sounds.



Best known for his Piano Concerto in A Minor and Peer Gynt, Norwegian Edvard Grieg was a leading composer of the Romantic era. During your stay in Bergen on our Viking Homelands cruise, you can explore the life and works of Grieg on an optional excursion that takes you to his home. You’ll also be treated to an exclusive recital of Grieg’s music – an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy this exclusive excursion on our Viking Homelands journey



In the Caribbean, music festivals such as Carnival take place throughout the year, and every island has its own genres. From the steel pan drums in St. Kitts and salsa in Puerto Rico to calypso in St. Lucia, there’s sure to be something you enjoy.

Dance to the rhythm on our West Indies Explorer cruise



Music accompanies the good times and the bad times in New Orleans. Universally considered to be the birthplace of American jazz, of which the earliest form was Dixieland or New Orleans jazz, it is impossible not to be stirred by the festive atmosphere along the balcony-lined Bourbon Street. Here, in the heart of the French Quarter, soulful rhythms lift the spirit and you immediately grasp why the local Cajuns say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler” – Let the good times roll.

Lose yourself in jazz on our New Orleans & Southern Charms journey



Spain’s most creative city is home to a feast of exciting music. And few music genres are more exciting than flamenco. Our Iconic Western Mediterranean ocean voyage includes an overnight in Barcelona, and the opportunity to feel your spirit soar with an authentic foot-stomping, hand-clapping, heart-racing flamenco performance.

Discover the passion of flamenco on our Iconic Western Mediterranean journey



This uber-cool city has influenced many great names in music, including David Bowie. But Berlin is perhaps best loved for its classical heritage and on our Elegant Elbe river cruise, a two-night hotel stay enables you to book concert tickets ahead. Why not visit the sumptuous Charlottenburg Palace for a wonderful performance by the Berlin Residence Orchestra?

Explore more on our Elegant Elbe journey



In Buenos Aires, experience the passion and elegance of the tango, which mixes African rhythms and European music to create an expression dance where partners maintain harmony and connection with each other and the music. Enjoy an evening of vibrant music and dance, with singers and dancers, as well as a tango orchestra.

Discover the tango on our South America & the Chilean Fjords voyage



Born along the waterfront, the dramatic songs of fado (literally ‘fate’) speak of life, struggle and passion. The genre originated in Portugal in the early 1800s and quickly took its place as the music of the country. In 2011, UNESCO recognised fado on its Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Experience this soulful music as you dine at the historic Alpendurada Monastery, overlooking the beautiful Douro.

Listen to fado on our Portugal’s River of Gold journey



Known as the City of Music, Vienna is a must for classical music fans. Many of the greats lived and worked here, including Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Haydn and Schubert, and the city holds annual festivals to celebrate their music. Feel your heart sing at an optional exclusive performance in a Viennese palace on our delightful Danube cruise.

Discover the City of Music on our Romantic Danube journey



Dubrovnik’s medieval Old Town is especially magical at night and on our Mediterranean Odyssey journey, you can book an optional excursion to the spectacular Sponza Palace where you can take your seat in the 16th-century cloistered courtyard for an exclusive performance of traditional music and dance. Dressed in colourful national costumes, the award-winning troupe will thrill you with their talent and energy.

Be spellbound on our Mediterranean Odyssey cruise



Carved onto the temples of Cambodia’s UNESCO-listed Angkor are Apsaras, mythological female spirits of the clouds and waters. Their graceful movements are immortalised by today’s Apsara dancers, and during your stay in Siem Reap, you’ll be treated to one of these uplifting performances.

See the amazing Apsara dancers on our Magnificent Mekong journey

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