Hall of Fame

Portugal? Canada? New Zealand?

We asked Viking travellers to tell us which country in the world they love the most, and we received hundreds of replies. So, here it is – the Viking Hall of Fame, featuring the Top 10 destinations, as voted for by you. Of course, you can explore any and all of these countries on one of our award-winning river or ocean cruises. Everyone has a favourite place. What’s yours?



Aaah, Italy. Impossible not to be seduced by its countless charms, fabulous food, astonishing architecture and la dolce vita. No surprise then that more of you voted Italy your favourite country to explore. A journey around Italy reveals different regions and cities with their own character, culture and cuisine. From fairytale Venice, with its extraordinary palaces and canalside cafes to vibrant Naples, where you can feast on the best pizza, pasta and coffee. From ancient Rome with its jaw-dropping treasures to the southern beauty of Sicily. Each individual, all bellissimo!

You can explore Italy on a number of our cruises, including Italian Sojourn



Big skies and deep fjords. Emerald forests and ice-white glaciers. Endless summer days and long winter nights. Invigorating pure air and ethereal Nordic light. The great outdoors is rarely greater than in Scandinavia, its epic expanses of wilderness immediately connects you with nature. In contrast, its vibrant cities show off the famous Scandinavian flair for design. No wonder so many Viking explorers voted Norway their favourite destination.

Norway and Scandinavia can be explored on a variety of cruises, including Viking Homelands



You revealed that spectacular scenery is your number one reason for visiting a country. And spectacular scenery is why so many of you voted for Portugal. Third in Viking’s Hall of Fame, this beautiful and ancient land offers stunning landscapes, a rich culture and exciting history. From colourful Lisbon, head to Porto for a journey along the River Douro. Carved into the mountains along the river are steep terraced hillsides blanketed by vineyards, with whitewashed quintas perched above. Enchanting.

You can discover beautiful Portugal on our Portugal’s River of Gold cruise


New Zealand

Spectacular scenery and captivating culture are why so many Viking guests voted New Zealand their favourite destination. From its snow-capped mountains and hot springs to its ancient Māori traditions and contemporary creative cuisine, New Zealand has it all, and more. Sublime forests, lakes, beaches, fjords, and mile after mile of wilderness make it a magnet for filmmakers and visitors alike. Add its award-winning wines, thriving cafe scene and fantastic local produce, and a visit to this unique and dynamic country will leave you wanting more.

You can discover the wonders of New Zealand on our Australia & New Zealand cruise



Call it joie de vivre. Call it savoir-faire. Whatever you call it, the French certainly know a thing or two about celebrating the good things in life. As do you. Watching the world go by over a chilled glass of Champagne at a Parisian pavement cafe. Enjoying a rich, velvety Bordeaux and vineyard views from the terrace of a traditional château. Seeing a landscape through the eyes of a great painter. You could travel through France a million times and still discover new sights and sounds. That’s why so many of you voted France your favourite destination.

You can explore France on a variety of river cruises, including Lyon & Provence



There is no place on earth that fires the imagination like China. No place that promises such a feast for the senses. And no place where the past so visibly melts into the present and where, through every doorway, a new discovery awaits. No wonder so many Viking explorers voted China their favourite country. Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Anyone who has taken the first step in planning a trip to China is on the road to an unforgettable journey.

You can explore China on a number of Viking journeys, including Far Eastern Horizons



Some lands are so different, their history and culture so rich and colourful, that they really do need to be experienced to be understood. Russia is one such land. This extraordinary country is a firm favourite of many Viking travellers, many of whom said that a river cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow, along the Volga and across the largest lakes in Europe, is the best way to experience the real Russia. We couldn’t agree more.

You can explore Russia on our Waterways of the Tsars river cruise



Magnificent mountains. Glinting glaciers. Remarkable rainforests. Beautiful beaches. Wondrous wildlife. The second-biggest country on the planet offers endless landscapes to amaze you. More than stunning natural beauty, Canada also boasts captivating cultures, from the fresh flavours of Montreal to the ceilidh on Prince Edward Island, its music, arts and cuisine are hugely exciting. And a huge hit with Viking explorers.

Canada can be explored on a variety of cruises, including Eastern Seaboard Explorer



Bewitching scenery, uber-cool cities crammed with culture, a rich and fascinating history, exquisite architecture, fabulous food, world-class wines – it’s not surprising that so many of you voted Germany one of your top countries. From the romantic Rhine valley with its legendary castles and medieval villages and the breathtaking beauty of Saxon Switzerland to the fairytale magic of the Black Forest, Germany boasts a wealth of wonders.

You can explore Germany on a number of river cruises, including Rhine Getaway



Ancient ruins, brilliant blue skies, lush mountains, pristine beaches, glittering blue seas, inspired cuisine and passionate people – Greece transports you far back in time yet anchors you in the present, as it awakens all your senses. A trip to Greece offers endless cultural pursuits, and different ways to relax. One thing is certain; once you’ve visited this fabled land you’ll want to return. No wonder so many Viking guests list Greece as their favourite destination.

You can discover Greece on a variety of ocean cruises, including Empires of the Mediterranean

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