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What makes a city great is different for everyone, but the best cities are often those with spectacular sights, fascinating culture, delicious food and friendly people. Viking’s carefully planned itineraries allow for a balance of sightseeing – with at least one included excursion in every destination – and free time to allow you to wander and make your own discoveries, wherever you are in the world.

You can also choose from a selection of optional excursions, created to offer something for everyone, including cooking demonstrations, history tours, and homehosted visits which further deepen your understanding and appreciation of the places you visit. Join us on a journey that takes in some of the world’s great cities and destinations, and introduces you to their history, culture and people, in a way that no-one else can.



Colourful, picturesque buildings, contemporary culture blended with rich Viking heritage, stunning natural beauty and clean air all combine to make the world’s most northerly capital a must-visit destination. Presided over by the Esja mountain range, the Hallgrimskirkja church is a towering vision in white, complemented by the striking Harpa concert hall. For sweeping city views, head to Oskjuhulid Hill and the Perland vantage point, also known as The Pearl. From hot springs to cool nightlife, Reykjavík has it all.

Experience Reykjavík on our Iceland’s Natural Beauty ocean journey.



The pretty, cobbled streets of Porto’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed centre are all the excuse you need to wander around this lovely city. Admire the azulejos (hand-painted tiles) that adorn the walls. Climb the steps to one of the sky-high miradouros (lookouts) for panoramic views. Relax among the palm trees in the Jardins do Palacio de Cristal. In Porto, you’ll find sumptuous food and wine. Feast on Atlantic-fresh seafood and tasty snacks in a tapas bar. Picture-perfect Porto will enchant you, at every turn.

Be enchanted by Porto on our Portugal’s River of Gold journey.



Hugging the scenic shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto boasts a vibrant waterfront and a diverse mix of cultures. The city is a joy to explore on foot, especially the Distillery District with its large collection of Victorian industrial warehouses that have been converted into galleries, studios, shops and eateries. Dominating Toronto’s skyline is the CN Tower, from where you are treated to unforgettable views – on a clear day you can see Niagara Falls. Take in Toronto’s eclectic neighbourhoods, or take to the tranquil waterways of Lake Ontario on a kayak and marvel at this city’s incredible beauty.

Explore Toronto on our Great Lakes Collection journey.



You would expect the city that is home to the Great Pyramid of Giza – the only Wonder of the Ancient World still intact – to be magnificent. And it is. Cairo boasts the highest concentration of Islamic architecture in the world, some of which you can see along Al-Mu’izz Street, as you pass elegant mosques, mausoleums and ornate palaces. For shopping, head like the merchants of old to the colourful Souk, selling brassware, lanterns and jewellery. Also unmissable is the Grand Egyptian Museum, opening late 2023, which will house 100,000 artefacts, including the Tutankhamun collection. As for the Great Pyramid? Magnificent barely describes it.

Explore the wonders of Cairo on our Pharaohs & Pyramids river journey



According to its Māori name, Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland is the city of many lovers, so beautiful is its setting. Located between two harbours, the City of Sails is indeed one of the world’s most picturesque cities, and a vibrant marine hub. A walk around the city reveals countless masts bobbing on the tide. Head to the top of Sky Tower for spectacular views. Make your way to the revitalised Wynyard Quarter along the waterfront to indulge in fresh local seafood and premium New Zealand wine. And when the sun sets, be stilled by the beauty of Auckland’s shimmering waters, just like those lovers of Māori legend.

Discover Auckland on our Australia & New Zealand ocean journey.



Dramatic history, graceful architecture, rich culture and delicious food and wine, Budapest is known as the Pearl of the Danube. The Hungarian capital is impressive by day and night, when many of its bridges and grand buildings, including the neo-Gothic Parliament Building, are illuminated. Head to the 19th-century Great Market Hall for a feast of foods, rich aromas and vibrant colours. Marvel at the view from Fishermen’s Bastion in the medieval Castle District. Soak up the soothing steam of one of Budapest’s famous thermal baths. Budapest offers something for everyone.

Enjoy Budapest on our Grand European Tour river journey.



Set along a magnificent rocky coastline, Marseille is France’s oldest city and boasts an impressive new collection of museums and world-class cultural centres as well as spectacular cathedrals and churches. The Vieux Port (Old Port) is especially alluring. The quay is lined with yachts bobbing in the water. At the fish market, fishermen sell their catch, and waterfront bistros offer excellent seafood dishes. Guarding the port is the 17th-century Fort Saint-Jean, from where you can enjoy fantastic views in all directions. The old quarter, Le Panier, buzzes with an arty atmosphere and inviting cafes. Wander and wonder at this enchanting city.

Explore Marseille on our Iconic Western Mediterranean ocean journey.



At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul’s history is evident on every corner, from the cascading domes of the Blue Mosque to the courtyards of the Topkapi Palace. Visit the Basilica Cistern. Built in 532, the sheer grandeur of its design is breathtaking, and its underground depths make a cool retreat on a warm day. Unwind in a hammam, a traditional Turkish public bath and one of Istanbul’s many cultural treasures. Browse the shops of the Grand Bazaar, the largest covered market in the world. And be sure to watch a sema, or whirling dervish ceremony. You too will be enchanted.

Explore Istanbul on our Ancient Mediterranean Treasures ocean journey.



Whatever you do in Cologne, you cannot miss the glorious cathedral. Quite literally. Its soaring filigreed twin spires dominate the skyline, and as you sail into the heart of this historic city, the cathedral – or Dom – as it’s known locally, will draw your gaze heavenward. Art and architecture fans will be kept busy in Cologne’s many galleries, or admiring the steep-gabled houses that line the riverbank in the Altstadt (Old Town). For a taste of Cologne, visit the city’s traditional brewpubs where the famous Kolsch beer is served chilled and fresh by waiters called köbes. Prost!

Discover Cologne on our Rhine Getaway river journey.



A spellbinding fusion of neon splendour and tranquil Shinto shrines, soaring skyscrapers and Zen gardens, Tokyo dazzles. The city’s passion for everything new ensures a constant evolution of architecture, art and dining. Must-sees include the opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine, famous for its towering gate and forest of more than 100,000 trees, and the Imperial Palace with its large public gardens. For incredible views, head to the top of the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in the world. If you want to browse the best of Tokyo’s shops, explore the elegant Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya department stores. You won’t be disappointed.

Explore Tokyo on our North Pacific Passage ocean journey.

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