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The hint-of-the-sea flavour of sardines in a restaurant in a Portuguese fishing village. The rich aroma of dark chocolate in an elegant Viennese café. The reassuring pop of a cork from an aged bottle of Beaujolais in southern France. If there is ever a time to let the food do the talking, it’s when you’re travelling. And when you’re travelling with Viking, you can look forward to a culinary journey that positively sings. A Viking journey is all about discovery, including the discovery of new foods and wines.



Sail the enchanting Douro and indulge in some delicious Portuguese specialities, and taste the region’s famous wines. As a seafaring nation, fish is big on the menu. From crispy, grilled sardines to dried and salted cod, bacalhau, Portugal is a pescatarian’s paradise. Sweet lovers will know that the melt-in-your-mouth Portuguese egg-custard pastry pastel de nata is now so popular, it is served in cafes across Europe. When it comes to port wine, only that produced in the Douro Valley can be called port. Throughout your journey, you can visit vineyards and wine estates, and discover the nation’s love of good food and wine.

Explore the food and wine of northern Portugal on Viking’s Portugal’s River of Gold journey.



There is something wonderfully simple and honest about Nordic food. When you have the best produce, why overcomplicate it? The fish is especially good, because of the pure, oxygenated waters along Norway’s pristine coastline, and because the cold water allows the fish to grow more slowly and develop a more solid structure and delicate flavour. Herring, cod, salmon, trout, lobster, crab and shrimp are just some of the fish and seafood you’ll be treated to. Waffles are a traditional Norwegian treat. Topped with jam, berries and whipped cream or slices of gjetost – brown Norwegian goat cheese – tuck into yours at Mamsen’s on board your ship.

Enjoy a taste of Norway on our ocean journey Into the Midnight Sun.



You are sure to eat well in Vietnam. As in most countries, Vietnamese cuisine varies by region. Each city has its own specialities and Hanoi is no exception. The political and culinary capital of Vietnam, many popular Vietnamese dishes originated in Hanoi, including the famous noodle soup pho ba (beef) or try pho ga (chicken). Bun cha is another popular noodle dish, made with grilled pork and vermicelli. With its plentiful supply of freshwater fish and seafood, you’ll find prawns, shrimp, crab and clams on most restaurant menus. Don’t forget to sample the delights of Hanoi’s lively street food culture.

Discover the tastes of Hanoi on our Magnificent Mekong cruise and stay itinerary.



Provence has some of the best regional food in France and in Lyon, the gastronomic capital, you’ll find more restaurants than in any other French city, including more than ten Michelin-starred restaurants. Viking’s Flavours of Lyon excursion will introduce you to the city’s traditional dishes. Make time for a gastronomic pilgrimage to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocusse at Cours Lafayette. A drive through the hills of the Beaujolais wine region will treat you to soft and velvety vintages and the winemaking traditions of the region. Further south the vineyards of Chateauneuf-du-Pape await your discovery, along with its world-famous wines.

Discover the culinary delights of Provence on our Lyon & Provence river journey.



Nestled along the Rhine, the vibrant Alsace capital of Strasbourg boasts a gastronomic spirit. With its blend of French style and German simplicity, its many specialities include flammküche or tartes flambée in French; a wafer-thin pizza made with creamy onion sauce, cheese and bacon. Choucroute is a delicious take on sauerkraut and another must-eat. Discover some of these tasty treats on a Flavours of Alsace excursion, on which you can meet local food merchants, a chef and a sommelier who will explain the art of pairing local foods with Alsation and French wines.

Feast on Alsace cuisine in Strasbourg on our Rhine Getaway river journey.



Not always the first city that comes to mind when you think of good food, Prague is gaining a reputation as a foodie hotspot. Czech cuisine is influenced by its neighbouring countries, particularly Germany and Hungary, so you will come across robust, hearty dishes, including comforting soups, such Kulajda, a delicious potato and mushroom cream soup flavoured with dill or caraway seeds. Few cities embody the past as authentically as Prague, and that includes its beer culture. Beer is to the Czechs what wine is to the French. By far the most popular drink in the country, the tradition and high quality of Czech beer –Pivo – dates back centuries.

Raise your glass of refreshing beer in Prague on our Elegant Elbe river journey.



Bordeaux boasts more than 8,000 wine-producing châteaux across 50 different appellations, producing more than 700 million bottles a year. The region produces some of the world’s most expensive wines, including five Premier Cru wines. Of course, you can also pick up a bottle of Médoc, Margaux, Saint-Émilion or Sauterne at a very reasonable price to take home, or drink on board. At Viking, we don’t charge corkage. Our Châteaux, Rivers & Wine journey offers numerous opportunities to visit different vineyards where you can sample the estate’s wines. Good food has long been a cornerstone of French culture, and in Bordeaux you can indulge in the French passion for food first hand.

Discover the foods and wines of Bordeaux on our Châteaux, Rivers & Wine journey.



Dinner is about more than just food for Argentinians, it is an expression of warmth, love and togetherness. In Buenos Aires, enjoy the generosity of Argentine hospitality during dinner at the home of a local. As you sit down to a typical Argentine meal with your hosts, you will learn more about Argentine culture. Buenos Aires is famous for its grass-fed beef and its intense Malbec wine. But its sheer variety of dishes will appeal to all tastes, including vegetarians. On another Argentine dining experience, learn how to make an empanada, a traditional Argentine dish similar to a pasty, that can be made with sweet or savoury fillings.

Spend more time in Buenos Aires on an extension to South America & the Chilean Fjords journey.



There are few more satisfying ways to savour the melting pot of Kuala Lumpur’s cultures than through its mouthwatering cuisine. The country’s diverse population, and its history as a centre of trade in Southeast Asia have created a varied and complex menu of dishes. On a food tour in the city’s bustling alleyways, taste Malay, Chinese and Indian food in authentic settings. Follow the enticing aromas into Chinatown and Petaling Street Market, where yong tau foo (filled tofu) and apam balik (pancake) may be on the menu. Try some tasty roti and banana leaf rice created by Indian chefs. Taste as many dishes as possible.

Join our Cuisine of Kuala Lumpur excursion on our Bangkok, Bali & Beyond ocean journey.



As any Viking guest will tell you, dining on a Viking ship is a joy. On our European river ships, choose between our main dining room, The Restaurant or dine al fresco on the Aquavit Terrace, where can relax over a meal or a glass of wine while surrounded by the scenery. Our thoughtful wine list enhances your meal, with handpicked selections and onboard tastings that showcase an area’s quintessential varieties. At sea, you can look forward to many different dining options – all included. From Mamsen’s Norwegian Deli and the World Café to Manfredi’s Italian trattoria and 24-hour room service.

Learn more about the different destination-focussed dining on offer on our ocean ships, including the most al fresco dining at sea.

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