Category: Culture

Food & Wine Destinations

Taste the world The hint-of-the-sea flavour of sardines in a restaurant in a Portuguese fishing village. The rich aroma of dark chocolate in an elegant Viennese café. The reassuring pop of a cork from an aged bottle of Beaujolais in southern France. If there is ever a time to let the food do the talking,… Read more »

Architectural Wonders

Buildings that inspire The soaring spires of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. The surreal curves of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. The rustic charm of a Norwegian stave church. Inspiring architecture can be found anywhere, sometimes where you least expect it. Classic or contemporary, sumptuous or spare, architecture defines a destination and is an integral part of… Read more »

Cities to Explore

EXPLORE THE WORLD’S GREAT DESTINATIONS, THE VIKING WAY What makes a city great is different for everyone, but the best cities are often those with spectacular sights, fascinating culture, delicious food and friendly people. Viking’s carefully planned itineraries allow for a balance of sightseeing – with at least one included excursion in every destination –… Read more »

Cultural Destinations

Cultural Destinations Viking journeys are created for people looking for authentic experiences that give them a greater understanding of the culture of the destinations they visit. From meeting local people and talking to them about their lives, to visiting places not usually accessible to the public, these kind of experiences offer a more meaningful perspective… Read more »

Art Destinations

Every Viking journey is one of discovery. A journey where you can immerse yourself in each destination, including its art and culture. Whether you are exploring modern art at Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, strolling through Monet’s colourful gardens in Giverny, or watching an artist paint a precious piece of Meissen porcelain, you can look forward to exciting… Read more »

City Breaks

Who doesn’t love the excitement at arriving in a new city? The thrill of seeing new sights, tasting new foods and meeting new people. Every Viking cruise takes you to the heart of each inspiring city – in fact you could think of it as lots of city breaks on one incredible journey, where your… Read more »

Dance Destinations

Dance Destinations From being swept along by the samba, carried away by the can-can or fired up by the flamenco, watching a live dance performance not only makes you feel good, it helps you connect to a destination in a way that nothing else can. Which is why, on every Viking journey – river and… Read more »

Unforgettable Experiences

Unforgettable Experiences We believe the best journeys are the ones on which you enjoy not only the most comfortable accommodation and the finest food, but also the most amazing experiences. The kind of experiences that you will always look back on with a smile. As well as the iconic and expected, we take you behind… Read more »

Musical Destinations

Musical Destinations From traditional folk songs and Caribbean beach beats to the classical chords of Europe’s grand cities, music is a wonderful soundtrack to our travels. We’ve chosen 10 of the most inspiring places to tune in to some sensational sounds. 1 BERGEN Best known for his Piano Concerto in A Minor and Peer Gynt,… Read more »